DataCamp Limited – AS60068Delivering internet traffic

DataCamp Limited (AS60068) operates high-performance CDN, provides high-bandwidth dedicated servers, and runs advanced network monitoring software.

Industry leaders around the globe use DataCamp services to deliver hundreds of petabytes of data every day.

DataCamp network (AS60068)

DataCamp Limited operates a global network spanning over six continents. The network topology combines upstreams to the top 15 transit providers and direct access to 3000+ local networks.

150 Tbps

network capacity






local networks connected

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Content delivery network

CDN77 is a global content delivery network that is known for low latency delivery, no-compromise security, reliability, and strong customer focus.

Our 150 Tbps network stretches over six continents and can easily handle large volume traffic and unexpected peaks.

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High-bandwidth dedicated servers

Datapacket specialises in bandwidth-intensive servers and premium network transit across five continents.

Our 150 Tbps network with dense data centre locations worldwide is designed and maintained to ensure sustainably low latency, zero packet loss, and no saturation – especially during peak hours.

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Network monitoring tool

CocoPacket is a tool designed to simplify network monitoring. It detects packet loss, keeps track of traceroutes and latency, and finds the best routing solutions.

We monitor hundreds of thousands of routes worldwide and help network teams make their daily jobs easier.

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Company information

DataCamp Limited
9 Coldbath Square
London EC1R 5HL
United Kingdom

Company No. 07489096
VAT number: GB157027123– Business inquiries– Public relations– AS60068 Abuse